The Best Selection Of Excel Add-Ins You'll Find
Add-Ins are small software applications that you can install into Excel to extend Excels standard functionality.
We decided to save you some time and create a valuable selection of the most powerful Excel add-ins for you.

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Premium Add-in | WavePoint

A set of indispensable Excel tools you will actually use every day. No matter how complex your task is, with XLTools you are ready for any challenge!

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MyBrand Add-in

Premium Add-in | SpreadSheetGuru

Store your brand colors, headings, and logos directly inside your Excel Ribbon. Never type in an RGB color code again.

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Premium Add-in | SpreadSheetGuru

AutoChart will allow you to create, manipulate series ranges and format all your charts at once. Making adjustments never has been easier!

My First Add-in IMPROVED 2

My First Add-in

Premium Add-in | SpreadSheetGuru

Easily create your own VBA Add-Ins. This template plus mini-course will show you how to build a professional-looking Ribbon-Interface in XML code. It is way easier than it sounds.

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Tickmark Add-in

Premium Add-in | SpreadSheetGuru

Insert and create your very own tickmark icons to mark up your spreadsheets. Find plugs in formulas, hyperlink ticks, and so much more!

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The E2P Add-in

Premium Add-in | SpreadSheetGuru

Automate all your copy/pasting from Excel to PowerPoint slides with one click of the mouse. You’re going to save so much time with this.

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Analysis ToolPak

Free Add-in | Microsoft

If you need to develop complex statistical or engineering analyses, you can save steps and time by using the Analysis ToolPak.