Excel ABS function


The Excel ABS function returns the absolute value of a number. Absolute value refers to the distance of a number from zero, disregarding its sign. This function is commonly used in mathematics and financial analysis to express a number without its sign, ensuring only non-negative values are considered.
  • number: The number for which you want the absolute value
Return value
The non-negative absolute value of the specified number.

How to use

Use ABS by entering a number or a cell reference containing a number as the argument. The function will return the number without any sign, effectively converting negative values to positive ones.


Simple ABS
Converting a Negative Number to Positive: To get the absolute value of a negative number:
This formula returns 5, which is the absolute value of -5.
ABS with Cell Reference
Using ABS with a Cell Reference: To find the absolute value of a number in a cell:
If A2 contains -10, this formula will return 10.
ABS in Financial Calculations
Calculating Absolute Differences in Finance: To calculate the absolute difference between two values:
					=ABS(A2 - B2)
If A2 is 100 and B2 is 120, this formula returns 20, representing the absolute difference between these values.
ABS with SUM
Combining ABS with Other Formulas: Using ABS in a more complex formula with SUM:
This calculates the sum of values in A2:A10 and then returns the absolute value of the sum.
ABS for Data Analysis
Analyzing Data with Absolute Values: To analyze variations or changes in data:
					=ABS(A2 - AVERAGE(A2:A10))
This finds the absolute difference between a value in A2 and the average of values in A2:A10.

Additional Notes

  • The ABS function is particularly useful in scenarios where only the magnitude of a number is important, not its direction (positive or negative).
  • Common uses of ABS include calculating distances, differences, and handling positive and negative values uniformly in various calculations.

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