Excel COUNTBLANK function


The Excel COUNTBLANK function counts the number of empty cells in a specified range. It’s useful for data analysis, helping to identify gaps in datasets or verify data entry completeness.
  • range: The range of cells you want to count empty cells within.
Return value
The number of empty cells in the specified range.

How to use

Simply specify the cell range for which you want to count the number of blank cells. COUNTBLANK includes cells with formulas that return an empty string (“”).


To Determine the Number of Unfilled Cells in a Range: Calculating emptiness in a dataset.
If A1:A10 has 3 filled cells and 7 empty ones, COUNTBLANK returns 7, offering a quick way to assess the extent of incomplete data.
COUNTBLANK in a Larger Range
Assessing Completeness Across Multiple Columns: Identifying data entry gaps in a broader range.
Assuming A1:C10 is a 3-column range with 15 filled cells and 15 blanks, the formula would result in 15, highlighting areas potentially needing data.
COUNTBLANK for Data Validation
Verifying Data Entry in Forms or Tables: Ensuring no missing entries in critical datasets.
For a column B designated for a specific data point in a form with 95 out of 100 fields filled, COUNTBLANK will report 5, pinpointing the need for completion.

Additional Notes

  • COUNTBLANK is particularly valuable in pre-analysis data preparation, ensuring datasets are fully populated.
  • It can also serve as a diagnostic tool in data cleaning processes, identifying rows or columns that may require attention due to high volumes of missing data.

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