Excel FIND function


The Excel FIND function locates the position of a text string within another text string. It’s case-sensitive and does not support wildcards. For a non-case-sensitive search or wildcard support, use the SEARCH function.
					=FIND(find_text, within_text, [start_num])
  • find_text: The text you want to find.
  • within_text: The text string to search within.
  • start_num: [Optional] The position in the text to begin the search.
Return value
The starting position of the specified find_text within within_text.

How to use

FIND is used for precise text searches, especially where case sensitivity is important. It’s useful in data parsing, text manipulation, and when working with text data requiring case-specific searches.


Simple FIND
Finding Text Within a String: Locating a substring’s position in a text:
					=FIND("apple", A1)
If A1 contains “Pineapple”, this formula returns 5.
FIND with Start Position
Specifying a Start Position in Search: Starting the search from a specific character position:
					=FIND("n", "Pineapple", 4)
Begins searching for “n” at the 4th character of “Pineapple”, returning 6.
Using FIND with ISNUMBER for Text Presence Check: Checking if a substring exists within a string:
					=ISNUMBER(FIND("test", B2))
Returns TRUE if “test” is found in B2, and FALSE otherwise.
Extracting Substring Based on FIND Position: Using FIND to extract part of a string:
					=MID(A3, FIND(":", A3) + 1, LEN(A3))
Extracts text after the colon (:) in A3.

Combining FIND with LEFT: Using FIND to extract the username from an email address:

					=LEFT(A4, FIND("@", A4) - 1)
Extracts the username from an email address in A4.

Additional Notes

  • FIND is case-sensitive; it differentiates between ‘A’ and ‘a’.
  • If find_text is not found, FIND returns the #VALUE! error.
  • Unlike SEARCH, FIND does not support wildcards like “?” or “*”.
  • Often used with MID, LEFT, and RIGHT functions for text parsing.

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