Excel LOG10 function


The Excel LOG10 function calculates the base-10 logarithm of a number. This function is specifically designed to compute logarithms with base 10, commonly used in scientific, engineering, and statistical calculations where understanding exponential growth or decay in terms of orders of magnitude is important.
  • number: The positive numeric value for which you want to calculate the base-10 logarithm.
Return value
The base-10 logarithm of the specified number.

How to use

Use LOG10 by entering the number for which you want to calculate the base-10 logarithm. The number must be positive, as logarithms of zero or negative numbers are undefined.


Simple LOG10
Calculating Logarithm to Base 10: Finding the common logarithm of a number:
This formula calculates the base-10 logarithm of 100, resulting in 2.
LOG10 in Scientific Calculations
Scientific Data Analysis: Using LOG10 to analyze scientific data:
If A2 contains a scientific measurement, this formula calculates its base-10 logarithm.
LOG10 for Sound Intensity
Calculating Decibels in Acoustics: Using LOG10 to calculate decibel levels:
					=10 * LOG10(Intensity / Reference_Intensity)
This formula is used in acoustics to calculate the decibel level of a sound based on its intensity.
LOG10 in pH Calculations
Calculating pH in Chemistry: Using LOG10 to calculate pH levels:
					=LOG10(1 / Hydrogen_Ion_Concentration)
This calculates the pH level from the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution.

Additional Notes

  • LOG10 is essential for calculations that require understanding or interpreting data in a logarithmic scale, especially with a base of 10.
  • The function simplifies calculations in fields like chemistry, acoustics, and astronomy where base-10 logarithms are frequently used.

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