Excel MOD function


The Excel MOD function returns the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor. It’s commonly used in various scenarios like calculating even or odd numbers, generating cyclical patterns, or managing periodic schedules. MOD is particularly useful in financial calculations, engineering, and data analysis where division with a remainder is involved.
					=MOD(number, divisor)
  • number: The numeric value for which you want to find the remainder
  • divisor: The number by which you want to divide number
Return value
The remainder after number is divided by divisor.

How to use

Use MOD by specifying the number to be divided and the divisor. The function will return the remainder of the division.


Simple MOD
Calculating Remainder of Division: Finding the remainder after division by 3:
					=MOD(10, 3)
This formula calculates the remainder when 10 is divided by 3, resulting in 1.
MOD for Even/Odd Checking
Determining Even or Odd Numbers: Using MOD to check if a number is even or odd:
					=MOD(A2, 2)
If A2 contains a number, this formula returns 0 for even numbers and 1 for odd numbers.
MOD in Financial Calculations
Managing Periodic Payments: Using MOD for periodic financial calculations:
					=MOD(Month_Number, Payment_Interval)
Assuming Month_Number is the current month and Payment_Interval is the payment frequency, this formula helps determine if a payment is due.
MOD for Cyclical Patterns
Creating Cyclical Sequences: Using MOD to generate repeating patterns:
					=MOD(Row(), 4)
This formula, when dragged down a column, creates a repeating pattern of 0, 1, 2, 3.
MOD with Other Excel Functions
Integrating MOD in Complex Formulas: Combining MOD with IF:
					=IF(MOD(A2, 2) = 0, "Even", "Odd")
This formula checks if a value in A2 is even or odd and returns “Even” or “Odd” accordingly.

Additional Notes

  • MOD is particularly useful in scenarios that require periodic or cyclical calculations.
  • It’s essential for tasks where division with a remainder is required.
  • Remember that if the divisor is 0, MOD will return a #DIV/0! error.

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