The Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL function calculates the number of weekdays between two dates, allowing for customized weekend definitions. This function is an enhanced version of NETWORKDAYS, providing flexibility in defining which days of the week are considered weekends. NETWORKDAYS.INTL is especially useful in global business contexts where weekend days vary or in industries with non-standard working days.
					=NETWORKDAYS.INTL(start_date, end_date, [weekend], [holidays])
  • start_date: The beginning date of the range.
  • end_date: The ending date of the range.
  • weekend: [Optional] A number or string specifying which days of the week are considered weekends.
  • holidays: [Optional] A list of dates to be excluded as holidays.
Return value
The number of weekdays between the start and end dates, considering the specified weekend days.

How to use

The NETWORKDAYS.INTL function is designed to calculate the number of working days between two dates, offering flexibility in defining weekends and the option to exclude holidays.

Weekend Argument Input Options:

  1. Weekend Modes (Numbers 1-17):
    • 1: Default, Saturday-Sunday.
    • 2: Sunday-Monday.
    • 3: Monday-Tuesday.
    • 4: Tuesday-Wednesday.
    • 5: Wednesday-Thursday.
    • 6: Thursday-Friday.
    • 7: Friday-Saturday.
    • 11: Sunday only.
    • 12: Monday only.
    • 13: Tuesday only.
    • 14: Wednesday only.
    • 15: Thursday only.
    • 16: Friday only.
    • 17: Saturday only.
  2. Custom Weekend Patterns (7-Digit String):
    • The string consists of 7 digits, each representing a day of the week starting with Monday.
    • 1 represents a weekend, 0 a working day.
    • Example: "0010001" implies Wednesday and Sunday are weekends.


NETWORKDAYS.INTL with Weekend Mode

Calculating Working Days with a Specific Weekend Mode (Mode 3 – Monday-Tuesday Weekend):

					=NETWORKDAYS.INTL("2021-01-01", "2021-01-31", 3)
This formula calculates the number of working days in January 2021, treating Monday and Tuesday as the weekend.
NETWORKDAYS.INTL with 7-Digit String
Defining Weekends Using a 7-Digit String (Weekends as Thursday and Sunday):
					=NETWORKDAYS.INTL("2021-05-01", "2021-05-31", "0001001")
This formula computes the working days in May 2021, considering Thursday and Sunday as weekends.
NETWORKDAYS.INTL with 7-Digit String and Holidays
Custom Weekends and Holidays (Weekends as Wednesday and Saturday, Including Holidays):
					=NETWORKDAYS.INTL("2021-07-01", "2021-07-31", "0100010", B2:B5)
Assuming B2:B5 contains holiday dates, this formula calculates the working days in July 2021 with Wednesday and Saturday as weekends, excluding the listed holidays.

Additional Notes

  • NETWORKDAYS.INTL includes both the start date and end date in the count if they fall on a working day.
  • The function is adaptable to various weekend configurations, making it suitable for international usage.
  • Ensure that start_date and end_date are valid dates, and holidays (if used) are correctly listed to avoid errors.

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