Excel ROWS function


The Excel ROWS function is designed to return the number of rows in a given reference. It is particularly useful in situations where you need to determine the row count within a range, whether it’s a single range, multiple ranges, or even an entire column. This function is commonly used in array formulas, dynamic ranges, and when creating formulas that need to adapt to changing data dimensions.
  • array: The range or array from which you want to count the number of rows.
Return value
Returns the count of rows in the specified range or array.

How to use

Use the ROWS function by specifying a range or array as the argument. The function then calculates and returns the number of rows in that range. It’s particularly useful in formulas where the range size might vary or when working with data tables where the row count can change.


Simple ROWS
Count Rows in a Single Range:

This formula returns 3, indicating there are three rows in the range A1 to A3.
ROWS in Dynamic Range
Adjusting to a Dynamic Range:
Assuming A2:A10 is a dynamic range that can change, this formula will return the number of rows currently in that range.
ROWS with Multiple Ranges
Counting Rows Across Multiple Ranges:
					=ROWS((A1:C1, A2:C2))

In Excel 365, this formula counts rows in both ranges A1:C1 and A2:C2, returning 2.
ROWS for Entire Column
Counting Rows in an Entire Column:

This returns the total number of rows in column B, which is equal to the total number of rows in the worksheet.

Additional Notes

  • ROWS is often used in conjunction with other functions like OFFSET or INDEX for creating dynamic ranges.
  • In array formulas or dynamic array-enabled versions of Excel, ROWS can be used to handle arrays or ranges that change size.
  • Remember that ROWS counts all rows in a range, including hidden rows.

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