Excel VALUETOTEXT function


The Excel VALUETOTEXT function converts any given value into a text string. This function is versatile, as it works with various data types like numbers, dates, Booleans, and errors. It can be particularly useful for converting non-text data into a text format for display or further text manipulation.
					=VALUETOTEXT(value, [format])
  • value: The value to convert into text. This can be a number, date, Boolean, error, etc.
  • format: [Optional] The format of the returned text. It can be either 0 (concise format) or 1 (strict format). The default is 0.
Return value
Text representation of the specified value.

How to use

Use VALUETOTEXT to convert various data types into a text format. This can be especially useful when needing to display numeric or other types of data as text within Excel, or when preparing data for output to other applications or systems.


Converting a Number to Text:

Converts the number 123 into the text string “123”.
Transforming a Date into Text:

Converts the date 01/01/2022 into a text string representing the date.
VALUETOTEXT with Boolean Values
Boolean to Text Conversion:

Turns the Boolean value TRUE into the text string “TRUE”.
Error Value to Text:

Converts the error #DIV/0! into a text string “#DIV/0!”.
VALUETOTEXT with Strict Format
Strict Format Conversion:
					=VALUETOTEXT("Hello", 1)

Converts the text “Hello” into a text string with strict formatting, suitable for parsing or re-entering into the formula bar.

Additional Notes

  • VALUETOTEXT is useful for creating text representations of data for exporting to other formats or applications.
  • The format option allows control over how the text is represented, making it versatile for various use cases.
  • When the format is set to 1, special characters and delimiters are included, making it possible to parse the returned string in more complex scenarios.

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