Excel ISERROR function


The Excel ISERROR function is used to check for any error value in a cell or expression. Unlike ISERR, which excludes the #N/A error, ISERROR detects all error types, including #N/A. This function is invaluable for error handling within Excel formulas, enabling users to identify and manage errors comprehensively across their spreadsheets.
  • value: The value, cell reference, or expression you want to test for errors
Return value
  • TRUE if value results in any error except #N/A.
  • FALSE if value is not an error or if it’s specifically the #N/A error.

How to use

ISERROR can be directly applied to a cell reference or an expression. It’s particularly useful for safeguarding your formulas against all types of errors, providing a means to implement conditional logic based on the presence of errors.


Detecting Any Error in a Cell: To check if a specific cell, such as A1, contains any error.

If A1 contains errors like #VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, or #N/A, this formula returns TRUE, indicating the presence of an error. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.
ISERROR with Formulas
Identifying Errors Within Complex Calculations: Using ISERROR to manage errors in formula calculations.

This checks if dividing 1 by A1 leads to any error. It returns TRUE for any errors caused by the operation, such as division by zero, invalid cell references, or #N/A errors.
ISERROR with Conditional Logic
Implementing Error Checks for Custom Responses: Creating formulas that respond to the detection of errors with specific actions or messages.
					=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A1, B2:C10, 2, FALSE)), "Error in Data", VLOOKUP(A1, B2:C10, 2, FALSE))

This formula performs a VLOOKUP and uses ISERROR to check for any resulting errors. If an error is found, it displays “Error in Data”; if not, it shows the result of the VLOOKUP.

Additional Notes

  • ISERROR is a key function for developing error-proof Excel models, especially when combined with IF to handle errors gracefully.
  • While ISERROR is comprehensive in error detection, specific needs might require more targeted functions like ISERR, ISNA, or IFERROR for nuanced error handling strategies.

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