Excel ISFORMULA function


The Excel ISFORMULA function checks if a specific cell contains a formula. This function is useful for auditing spreadsheets, identifying cells with formulas, and implementing conditional formatting or logic based on whether a cell’s value is calculated or manually entered.
  • reference: The cell reference you want to check for a formula
Return value
  • TRUE if the specified cell contains a formula
  • FALSE if the cell does not contain a formula

How to use

ISFORMULA is straightforward to use: simply provide the cell reference you wish to check. It can be particularly useful in conjunction with other functions like IF to perform different actions depending on whether or not a cell contains a formula.


Identifying Cells with Formulas: To determine if a cell, such as A1, contains a formula.

If A1 has a formula, this returns TRUE, indicating the presence of a formula. If A1 is empty or contains a constant value (like text or a number), it returns FALSE.
ISFORMULA with Conditional Logic
Creating Conditional Messages Based on Formula Presence: Using ISFORMULA within an IF statement to provide feedback about a cell’s content.
					=IF(ISFORMULA(A1), "Contains formula", "No formula")

This formula checks if A1 contains a formula and returns “Contains formula” if true; otherwise, it says “No formula”, helping users understand the nature of the cell’s content at a glance.
Verifying Formula Existence in a Dynamic Cell Reference: To dynamically check if a referenced cell contains a formula using INDIRECT.

Assuming A1 contains a row number, this formula uses INDIRECT to construct a reference to a cell in column B and then checks if that cell contains a formula.

Additional Notes

  • ISFORMULA is an essential function for spreadsheet auditing and management, ensuring that formulas are preserved during data updates or modifications.
  • This function was introduced in Excel 2013. In earlier versions of Excel, alternative methods, such as cell formatting or manual inspection, were necessary to identify formulas.

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