Excel NOT function


The Excel NOT function is designed to invert logical or Boolean values. By flipping TRUE to FALSE and vice versa, NOT is essential for reversing conditions, making it a key player in creating dynamic, conditional logic within formulas.

  • logical: The value or logical expression to be inverted.
Return value
The opposite of the provided logical value: FALSE if given TRUE, and TRUE if given FALSE.

How to use

Use the NOT function when you need to reverse the outcome of a logical test or Boolean value. It’s often combined with other logical, comparison, or information functions to construct more complex conditions.


Simple NOT
To simply invert a true or false condition:

This formula returns TRUE if A1 does not equal B1 and FALSE if A1 does equal B1, effectively reversing the normal equality check.

Excluding Multiple Conditions: To ensure a scenario doesn’t meet multiple conditions:
					=NOT(AND(B1>100, C1="Approved"))
This formula will return TRUE if B1 is not greater than 100 and C1 is not “Approved.” It’s useful for scenarios where you want to exclude a specific combination of conditions.
NOT and OR
Avoiding Either of Two Scenarios: To check that neither of two conditions is true:
					=NOT(OR(A1="Closed", A2="Closed"))
Here, the formula returns TRUE only if neither A1 nor A2 is “Closed.” It’s practical when needing to ensure that neither of two scenarios occurs.
NOT and IS... Functions
Validating Non-Empty, Non-Error Entries: To confirm a cell contains a valid, non-error entry:
This formula checks that D1 is neither blank nor contains an error, returning TRUE for valid, non-error entries.
NOT and IF
Conditional Actions Based on Inverted Logic: To perform an action based on the opposite of a usual condition:
					=IF(NOT(A1>=10), "Less than 10", "10 or more")
This formula uses NOT within an IF statement to perform actions based on inverted logic. Here, if A1 is not greater than or equal to 10, it labels the entry as “Less than 10”; otherwise, it’s “10 or more”.

Additional Notes

  • While NOT is a straightforward function, its power lies in how it’s combined with other functions to create more complex logical structures.
  • The correct grouping of conditions, especially when combining NOT with AND, OR, or other logical functions, is crucial to ensure the desired outcome.
  • Remember, NOT only works with logical values (TRUE or FALSE). Inputs that don’t evaluate to logical values will result in an error.

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Excel NOT function

The Excel NOT function inverts logical values, turning TRUE to FALSE and vice versa, crucial for dynamic conditional logic in formulas.

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