Excel OR function


The Excel OR function is a logical function that evaluates multiple conditions and returns TRUE if any of the given arguments are true. It’s particularly useful in scenarios requiring validation against several criteria, allowing for flexible conditions in decision-making processes and complex logical structures within spreadsheets.
					=OR(logical1, [logical2], ...)
  • logical1: The first condition or logical value to evaluate.
  • logical2: [Optional] Additional conditions or logical values to evaluate.
Return value
TRUE if any arguments evaluate TRUE; FALSE if all arguments evaluate FALSE.

How to use

Utilize the OR function when you need to test multiple conditions and wish to return TRUE if any condition is met. It’s commonly used within the IF function as a logical test or in conjunction with other logical functions to create intricate conditional logic. Each argument within OR should be a logical expression or any value that can be evaluated as TRUE or FALSE.


Simple OR
Basic Logical Test: To verify if a cell contains one of several specific options:
					=OR(A1="Red", A1="Blue", A1="Green")

This formula returns TRUE if cell A1 contains “Red”, “Blue”, or “Green”.

OR and IF
Conditional Actions Based on Multiple Criteria: To execute different actions based on various conditions:
					=IF(OR(D1="Pending", E1>50), "Review Needed", "Proceed")

This formula uses OR within an IF statement to determine if a review is needed based on the status in D1 being “Pending” or the value in E1 being greater than 50. If any condition is met, it returns “Review Needed”; otherwise, it returns “Proceed”.

OR with Arrays
Applying OR to Arrays: To check if any value in a range meets a specific condition:
					=OR(B2:B10 > 100)
This array formula checks each value in the range B2 to B10 to see if any are greater than 100. It returns TRUE if at least one value in the range exceeds 100.

Additional Notes

  • OR is a powerful function for scenarios where multiple potential criteria should trigger the same result.
  • Ensure that all arguments provided to OR are logical expressions or can be evaluated as TRUE or FALSE. Non-logical inputs will result in an error.
  • In complex formulas, consider the order and grouping of conditions when combining OR with other functions to ensure the desired outcome.
  • When using OR with arrays, remember that it will return a single TRUE or FALSE based on the array as a whole, not individual TRUE or FALSE values for each element.

Related Functions

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