Excel UNICHAR function


The UNICHAR function in Excel returns the character associated with a specified Unicode number. This function is useful for retrieving specific characters that may not be directly available on a keyboard or for working with data that includes special Unicode characters.
  • number: The Unicode number representing the character you want to retrieve
Return value
Returns a text character corresponding to the given Unicode number.

How to use

Use UNICHAR to get characters based on their Unicode values. Unicode is a universal character encoding standard, where each character is assigned a unique numeric identifier. UNICHAR can be used for various applications, such as displaying special symbols, emojis, or characters from different languages. Keep in mind that the available Unicode characters may depend on the fonts installed on your system.


Fetching a Specific Character:
Returns “A”, as 65 is the Unicode number for the uppercase letter “A”.
UNICHAR with Special Symbols
Inserting Special Symbols:
Returns a star symbol (★), since 9733 is its Unicode number.
UNICHAR for Emojis
Displaying Non-Standard Characters such as Emojis:

This formula returns an emoji (😀), as 128512 is the Unicode for a smiling face emoji.
UNICHAR in Data Representation
Using UNICHAR for Visual Representation in Data:
					=REPT(UNICHAR(10004), 5)

Repeats a check mark symbol 5 times (✔✔✔✔✔) to visually represent data.
UNICHAR for Language Characters
Displaying Characters from Different Languages:

Returns “é”, a character commonly used in French and Spanish languages.

Additional Notes

  • The UNICHAR function can be combined with other text functions for complex text manipulations.
  • It’s essential to know the specific Unicode numbers for the characters you want to retrieve.
  • Some Unicode characters might not display as expected if the appropriate font is not installed or supported in Excel.
  • Unicode characters cover a wide range of symbols, including alphabets from different languages, mathematical symbols, and emojis.

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