Excel UNICODE function


The UNICODE function in Excel returns the Unicode number for the first character in a given text string. This function is useful for identifying the Unicode value of characters, which is essential for various text processing tasks, especially when dealing with different languages or special symbols.
  • text: The text string containing the character whose Unicode number you want to find. Only the first character of the text is considered.
Return value
Returns the Unicode number of the first character in the specified text.

How to use

Use UNICODE to find the Unicode number of characters. Unicode is a universal character encoding standard, where each character is given a unique numeric identifier. This function is particularly helpful for tasks involving character encoding, data validation, and working with multi-language data.


Retrieving the Unicode of a Standard Character:

Returns 65, which is the Unicode number for the uppercase letter “A”.
UNICODE with Special Symbols
Finding Unicode of Special Symbols:

Returns 9733, as it’s the Unicode number for the star symbol.
UNICODE for Non-Standard Characters
Unicode of an Emoji:

This formula returns 128512, the Unicode number for a smiling face emoji.
UNICODE in Data Analysis
Using UNICODE for Character Analysis:
					=UNICODE(MID("Hello", 1, 1))

Extracts and finds the Unicode of the first character in “Hello”.
UNICODE for Language Characters
Identifying Unicode of Non-English Characters:

Returns 233, the Unicode number for the accented letter “é”.

Additional Notes

  • UNICODE is particularly useful in data cleaning, text analysis, and when working with international text data.
  • It’s important to remember that UNICODE only processes the first character of the given text.
  • When combined with other text functions, UNICODE can be part of more complex text processing tasks in Excel.
  • Understanding Unicode is crucial for ensuring correct character representation in data import/export and text manipulations.

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The Excel UNICHAR function returns the character associated with a Unicode value, enabling diverse character representation.

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