Excel MONTH function


The Excel MONTH function is designed to extract the month component from a given date, returning it as a number between 1 and 12. This function is useful for isolating the month from a date for various calculations, scheduling, or when integrating the month component into other functions or formulas.
  • serial_number: The date from which you want to extract the month. This must be a valid Excel date.
Return value
A number representing the month part of the date, ranging from 1 (January) to 12 (December).

How to use

Use the MONTH function to separate the month portion from a date value. The function can be applied to dates entered as text, in decimal format, or derived from other formulas or cells containing date values.


Simple MONTH
Basic Month Extraction: Extracting the month from a specified date:
This formula extracts and returns the month part of October 23, 2020, which is 10.
Creating a Date with Specific Day and Year: Using MONTH to create a date with a specific day and year:
					=DATE(2021, MONTH(A1), 15)
Assuming A1 contains a date, this formula uses MONTH to extract the month from A1 and then creates a new date in the year 2021 on the 15th of that month.
MONTH with Date Value
Extracting Month from a DateTime Value: Retrieving the month component from a combined date and time:
If B1 contains a datetime value (e.g., “2021-12-07 14:30”), this formula extracts and returns the month part of the datetime, which is 12 in this case.

Additional Notes

  • MONTH is key for breaking down date data, especially when paired with DAY and YEAR functions for comprehensive date analysis.
  • Ensure the input is a recognized Excel date format to avoid the #VALUE! error.
  • The function is particularly useful for scheduling, budgeting, and planning purposes where the month component of a date is significant.

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